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Unify Operations Without Compromising System Security

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Have Granular Access to Controls

Protect your information from unauthorized access or disclosure – down to singular folders, templates, and fields.

SSL/TLS Encryption

Be secure when publishing to the web with built-in IIS access security and firewall configurations.

Simplify the Audit Process

Create audit reports that outline the time, the user, and the changes associated with every system modification.

Use Integrated Digital Signatures

To ensure document approval is authentic, automatically apply digital signatures.

Delegate Privileges

Distribute administrative permissions across your organization with granular authorization.

Secure Redactions

Make sure confidential information is secure with blackout and whiteout redactions that recur on printing and export. 

Get Orange! The IO Difference

Get Orange is a concept that suggests businesses must adopt a strategy of perpetual innovation to keep up with the constantly evolving business world around them.

Get Smart. Get Prepared. Get Orange.

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