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Automate Your Business Process

Discard manual processes with workflows powered by AI, E-Forms, and Analytics. We will handle the process and let you get on with Business
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Task Management

Dominate your business-critical processes to get rid of spreadsheets, emails, and busy work.

Streamline your Process

Standardize repeated processes to increase accuracy and facilitate training.

Install Compliance Policies

Enact and enforce policies alleviating the risk of noncompliance.

Enhanced Reporting Tools

Weigh your company’s success with configurable and easy-to-use reporting tools

Accelerate Document Review and Approval
  • Review and approve documents simultaneously. Rout any document or electronic form to multiple users at once.
  • If someone is out of office, easily reassign those tasks while they’re gone.
Increase Transparency throughout your Company
  • Easy-to-use and configurable reports allow you to measure your process success.
  • Weigh your employee workloads by creating dashboards and visualizations.
Keep In Touch While You're on the Road
  • Cut process congestion using your iOS, Android or Windows device to review, approve, and sign documents.
  • Slash duplicate data entry by submitting electronig forms when out on the job.
Keep Your Work Running Smoothly
  • Confirm tasks are done on time with recurring notification emails that send automatically
  • If tasks aren’t getting done within their timeframe, escalate them to a manager.


Eliminate paper forms to provide staff, customers, and partners with a better experience.

Approve Forms Digitally

Quickly process forms by automating the submission, routing, and review process.

Manage Your Workloads Better

With user-defined approval process, centralize your task management.

Drive Perpetual Innovation

With configurable reporting tools, measure your success and increase accountability.

Get Rid of Paper Forms
  • Oust paper forms and create easy-to-design web forms that can be embedded on intranets or public websites
  • Use one dynamic electronic form to cut the hassle of numerous paper forms
  • Use your company’s branding to customize dynamic web forms.
Advance Review and Approval
  • Cut time-consuming tasks such as routing information, filling out forms, and following up on approvals.
  • Streamline form processing and review through automated routing and notifications
  • Allow simultaneous review and approval by routing electronic forms to multiple users.
Boost Transparency
  • Fortify task management with centralized task lists.
  • Assess employee workloads using dashboards and visualizations
  • Track the exact time it takes to process forms and identify any congestion in the process. 
Quickly Automate the Form-Based Process
  • Use prebuilt forms and process diagrams for a range of common business processes
  • With a few clicks, fit common form-based processes to your needs

Reporting and Analytics

Revamp operations by identifying inefficiences and opportunities.

Stimulate Business Innovation

Identify weaknesses trhough analytics, dashboards, and reporting tools.

Back Smarter Decisions

View all information with a web portal customized to you.

Gather Insights

Build charts and visualizations that bring data-driven answers to business-critical questions.

Estimate Time to Complete Future Tasks
  • Use predictive analytics to learn which tasks are more likely to be overdue and the time it will take to process each document.
  • Be proactive in planning and building processes.
  • Adjust and shift resources to respond to market variations or trends.
Determine Inefficiencies and Unknown Opportunities
  • Gauge the success of processes with configurable, easy-to-use reports
  • Use customizable dashboards to find bottlenecks and track improvement over time
Make Sure there are No Bumps in the Road
  • Email reports at pre-configured, scheduled intervals to have your data at your fingertips.
  • Oversee employee workloads with intuitive, graphical dashboards.
  • Reassign tasks to keep document processing on track.

Get Orange! The IO Difference

Get Orange is a concept that suggests businesses must adopt a strategy of perpetual innovation to keep up with the constantly evolving business world around them.

Get Smart. Get Prepared. Get Orange.

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