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Uphold compliance, fuse applications, and drive information security across your enterprise
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Records Management

Cut the cost of compliance with Electronic Records Management

Preserve the Integrity of your Records

Impose compliance with the Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.2-certified records management.

Centralize Your Records

Install records management policies across your devices by having a single copy of a record in a central repository.

Take Routine Tasks and Automate Them

Classify and apply disposition schedules to incoming records to save your employee’s time.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance
  • Boost compliance with regulatory mandates such as SEC, FINRA, FOIA, HIPAA, and more
  • Promote e-discovery and data retention
Make Sure Your Electronic Records Stay Safe
  • Protect your records with a widely accepted government standard, the DoD 5015.2 version 3-certified electronic records management system
  • Using the standard format that meets Victorian Electronic Record Strategy (VERS) V2 requirements, safeguard long-term data preservation
Make Managing Records Simple
  • Follow the lifecycle of documents and get notified when they’re ready for disposition
  • Follow industry regulations and corporate policies when newly created records are auto-filed

Security and Compliance

With a secure document management system, you’ll increase your regulatory compliance.

Keep Your Records' Integrity Safe

Make sure specific users see the content that they are authorized to.

Make Records Management Easy

Manage document lifecycles easily and simplify compliance from the second a record is created.

Keep Efficiency and Security Balanced

Maintain information security with regulatory mandates, e-discovery, and data retention policies.

Advocate Governance and Compliance
  • Bolster compliance with regulatory mandates such as SEC, FINRA, FOIA and more
  • Encourage e-discovery and data retention policies
  • Use digital signatures that can help secure adherence with e-governance regulations: FISMA, SFR Part 11 FDA, FIPS, VERS
Ensure Data Preservation
  • Protect records with DoD 5015.2 version 3-certified electronic records management
  • Make sure your data is preserved in the long-term with a standard format that meets Victorian Electronic Record Strateyg (VERS) V2 requirements
Make GDPR Compliance Simple
  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)—an important step to protect the privacy rights of individuals around the world—applies to all organizations that control or process data within the EU as well as those that control or process data related to Data Subjects, as defined by GDPR.
  • Build a data protection program with the tools that Laserfiche provides to secure content, maintain audit trails, and much more.
Cultivate a Secure System
  • Create a complete record of activity organization-wide by auditing user actions across devices.
  • Track everything across the system – login/logout, document creation and destruction, and so much more!

Utilize the Power of the Cloud

Use Laserfiche cloud to capture, organize, and automate information with industry leading security. Drive digital transformation with cloud content management

Collaboration from Anywhere, at Anytime

Transform how you work when you digitize, organize, automate, and secure information across your organization.

Onboard Users with Ease

We will get you up and running quickly – we’ve got rapid implementation, a ready to deploy process library, and easy user adoption that minimizes dependence on internal resources.


We provide recognized, industry-leading security with AWS, file encryption, and stability with a comprehensive set of products.

Digitize and Organize Paper and Digital Information
  • When you scan directly to the Laserfiche cloud, you’ll never lose a document again
  • Search for documents using an array of different custom search types
  • Save Microsoft Office documents to laserfiche with the Office plug-in
Take Your Organization to the Next Level by Automating the Business Process
  • Use a drag-and-drop forms designer to create custom forms
  • Start routing and approval workflows when electronic forms are submitted
  • Diagram and implement workflows quickly without programming
  • View information submitted via forms, tasks, and approval histories on dashboards and in reports.
Ensure Your Information is Secure While Meeting Business Objectives
  • Build your digital infrastructure using Amazon Web Services (AWS), the industry leader in Cloud infrastructure
  • Manage risk and safeguard compliance with built-in audit reports with an Audit Trial
  • Using industry standard encryption or TLS security network communication, you can encrypt your information at rest and in-transit

ECM Integration

Integrate your digital content with other applications to centralize operations and increase productivity.

Point-and-Click Integration

Using an intuitive, wizard-driven integration tool, you’ll be able to unify multiple applications.

Make Routine Tasks Automated

Get rid of time consuming and manual tasks with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Create Custom Solutions

Create sophisticated solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs using a flexible software development kit (SDK)

Integrate Laserfiche with Applications used by your Company
  • Erase unnecessary work by accessing documents, launching scanning, and populating metadata from within third-party systems
  • Reduce manual clicking by working in an external system directly from within Laserfiche
  • Embed Laserfiche directly in your website to increase user adoption
Eliminate Manual Work with Robotic Process Automation
  • Integrate multiple applications quickly and without coding using robotic process automation
  • Integrate legacy systems where APIs are not available or in situations where a deep level of integration is not practical
  • Let your employees focus on strategy and revenue-producing activities instead of manual tasks like filling out forms and data-entry.
Minimize Data Duplication
  • With a single click, retrieve information from an integrated application and send it to Laserfiche
  • Using information from an external database, reduce data entry errors by populating document metadata or electronic forms.
  • Automatically save information from Laserfiche in an external application to keep your systems in sync.

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