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Get access to expert-level Laserfiche engineering talent when you need it the most!

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What is EaaS?

EaaS or Engineering as a Service is an ongoing professional service partnership that gives you access to top level Laserfiche engineering
when you need it most.

Whether project based, monthly hour allocations, ad hoc support calls, or in blocks of time; we will build a customized partnership to support your specific needs.

Why partner with Innovative Orange?

After extensive discovery with LF VARs around the globe, we identified three key challenges they face in Engineering:

Fluctuating Revenues / Cost Ratios

As project work increases and decreases during the calendar year, revenues will subsequently rise and fall. During periods of lower revenues, salaried engineering costs remain constant and can cause negative impact to the overall profitability. EaaS with IO allows you to adjust your engineering costs according to need and in positive relation to your incoming revenues.

Substantial HR Burdens

Maintaining a team of highly professional engineers requires a substantial amount of time, energy, and financial resource including hiring practices, onboarding, training, team management, payroll taxation, benefits and healthcare, and more. With Innovative Orange EaaS, we manage all of the HR burdens and provide you with hassle free engineering expertise.

Limited access to Expertise and Experience

No matter how large your operation, eventually project workload will consume the time of your most talented engineers. With EaaS, you can access a larger pool of highly proficient engineers or add in support for lower level requirements to free up your most talented assets. Innovative Orange has one of the top Laserfiche Engineering teams in the world… and we’re still growing! Our award winning group is well known in the Laserfiche community and recommended by Laserfiche as one of the top support channels in the country.

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