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Innovative Orange is the Global Leader in

Perpetual Innovation and Enterprise Level Transformation
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Transform Your Business

Automating, streamlining and enhancing your daily business processes into tangible impacts on your business’ productivity, profitability, and overall performance.

Laserfiche SP Support Channel

Instant access to industry-leading Laserfiche Experts available to support all of your most challenging Laserfiche Projects.

About Us

Innovative Orange was founded on the idea that most businesses could be run better, smarter and faster. Innovative Orange is about using evolving technology to let you and your business focus on what you do best, while we take care of the non-core functions that keep you up at night.

Content Management

Through the program capture, secure, and organize content across your organization. This includes documents, images, videos, and more! 

Process Automation

Discard manual processes with workflows powered by AI, e-forms, and analytics. We will handle the process to let you get on with business.

Platform Services

Uphold compliance, fuse applications, and drive information security across your enterprise.

Transform Your Business

One of the most consistent truths of today’s business world is that process improvement and digital enhancement of workflows are a necessity for future success. However many businesses are struggling to find the right path to Digital Transformation.

Innovative Orange’s unique approach to Business Process Mapping within the framework of the Digital Transformation Guide helps business leaders to identify, segment, and prioritize the most critical processes; develop dependable strategies for comprehensive change; and deploy long term solutions that adapt in sync with your constantly changing business. 

Why Innovative Orange?

Today’s rapidly changing and constantly evolving business technology climate means that yesterday’s automation solution will be broken in tomorrow’s evolved organizational structure.

Get Smart. Get Prepared. Get Orange

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Get Orange! The IO Difference

Get Orange is a concept that suggests businesses must adopt a strategy of perpetual innovation to keep up with the constantly evolving business world around them.

Get Smart. Get Prepared. Get Orange.

Speak to a consultant and find out how we can help you accelerate your vision for your business.